Basic knowledge: How to invest in your skin

Autumn is the perfect time to start peeling sessions.
No matter what kind of peeling you choose to start with, they are all good to even your skin tone when the summer is over. Just to be on the safe side I always recommend starting peeling treatments when the sun exposure is not too intense any more. Of course using a home treatment cream is a must. Always works better when you purchase the same line of cream what the Esthetician was using on you.
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Anti dark spot, whitening treatment Prevents, regulates and corrects skin hyperpigmentation, your face recovers it's youthfulness.

My favorites in the Germaine line:

VITAMIN C Buy online.

Renew the skin after and before the summer starts - I use it only twice a year then I go back to my regular cream.

STRATEGIST Buy online.

If you have sun - damaged skin excellent, you have to try it! If acne condition exist your day cream is the Deeply Clarifying.

TIMEXPERT Buy online.

If you have noticeable wrinkles, this is for you! After one application you see the difference


When your skin needs an extra pick-up before your make-up application. Excellent!

Of course I am always available for free consultation.

Sincerely, Eva Timak